January 27, 2022

Diversity Inspires #4: “Are you rather a specialist or a generalist?” - with Melanie Müller

It´s Podcast Day!

This monday we are having Melanie Müller. Melanie was on the national Board of AIESEC in Germany in 2008.  She is now a manager of strategic development digital at MSD Germany but is doing much more than what her job description says. What we are talking about today is the fact of being a specialist vs. being a generalist.  

Today's episode is about being a specialist/expert v.s being a generalist/polyvalent in your studies and at the workplace. Melanie shares her own experience with us and tells you how that can affect your whole career. Whether at work or during your studies, you will always be confronted with this question. Are you rather someone who wants to be an expert in one domain, or do several things at a time and be more polyvalent? Let´s find out what Melanie thinks of that.

At the end of the talk, Melanie gave us some Resources to look into. Here they are :-

1) Magazine (Shop): Neue Narrative (New ways of working)

2) Podcast: Digital Kompakt (Leadership and Digitalisierung) : digitalkompakt.de

Diversity Inspires #4: Are you rather a generalist or a specialist?
with Melanie Müller:

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