January 19, 2022

Diversity Inspires #3: “Failing your way to success” - with Johannes Schneider

We wish you a happy Podcast Monday! 

This week, we are having Johannes Schneider. He was the vice president of marketing and then the president of AIESEC in Germany a couple of years ago. He is now the Lead Product Marketing Manager at Facelift, a leading social media management tool.

Our topic is failure and success. How to differentiate them? How to identify failure anyway? How to recognize the fine line between them? Johannes will tell you about some stories and what he came up with after several experiences in AIESEC in Germany and also in his company.

At the end of the talk, Johannes gave us some Resources to look into. Here they are:

1) The happiness track: How to apply the science of happiness to accelerate your success

2) The One thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

3) Podcast: Food for thought

4) TED Talk: Why procrastinators procrastinate

5) Page: Wait but Why

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