January 2, 2022

Diversity Inspires #1: "When Fear holds you back" - with Sina Mehl

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The First Episode of the Diversity Inspires podcast is online! 

Sina is a trainer & coach for leadership, communication & team development. Her focus now is on helping teams to work better together online. She owns her own company, which is called younite consulting, and together with her team, it's their mission to make learning fun again. 

The episode with her is about fears. Sina faced a lot of fears in the previous years until getting where she is right now. We are talking about how fears influenced and still influences her everyday life as it's the case for all of us, but how she made it despite that fear to build a business and live from her passion.  

We are also talking about how to overcome fear and see it from another perspective as if it's something that is always but does not hold us back.

At the end of the talk, Sina gave us some book recommendations. Here they are: 

- Kyle Cease: I hope I screw this up

- Michael Neill: The Inside-Out Revolution

- Michael Neill: The Space Within

You can listen to the talk between Sina and Mourad on various platforms: 

Next week will be a talk with Timea Csontos about career and how panicking about your career is not the best idea you can have. See you next Monday! 

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