Jan 30, 2021

Business Talks with AIESEC #7: Interview with Nour about her Global Talent Experience

Mourad: Nour, thank you for giving me some of your time. First of all, can you tell me what you did in your internship in Karlsruhe with Fiducia? What were your main Tasks and how was it? 

Nour: I was one of the four developers in the internship, but with more concentration on the business development of our products. My main tasks were developing and implementing the MVP (Minimum viable product), preparing the Business canvas and allocating who are our stakeholders and who are our customers and how we can approach them.

Mourad: How did you know about this opportunity? Can you tell me more about the process from knowing about this internship until your first day in Fiducia?

Nour: I was registered in a Masters program and one of my colleagues was a former BBox participant. He is the one who encouraged me to apply to this opportunity. I got accepted during the interview, and I only had to connect to AIESEC Egypt to pay the fees, and all the paperwork handling was done by the help of Jenny Buckenberger, who was in charge in AIESEC in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Mourad: So you found yourself in an international Team, working with people from totally different cultures. You had to work with them on one mission. What did you learn from this experience? 

Nour: I should say that I learned about our differences but actually also the opposite, I realized more what we share, and that we all may have the same insecurities and challenges. So I realized that humans everywhere really share the same feeling, doubts and dreams. 

Mourad: What was the most challenging aspect of the communication with the group?  

Nour: Setting ground rules of respect, without losing our funny moments.

Mourad: The virtual professional Program is a similar aspect to what you did in your internship. The main difference is that everything will be online. People will communicate through online tools and will work virtually together. What do you think can be the biggest challenge in this model? 

Nour: The challenge would be building a social connection. Because if the virtual meeting is related to work only, then you are missing the intercultural exchange opportunity, So I would recommend having virtual meetings for intercultural and normal  games or activities.

Mourad: In your opinion, what can be a virtual team structure that works?

Nour: The same structure in BBox would work, but we just need to work more about moving the content of all our events to fit the virtual meeting and make sure that it would be as fun as non virtual meeting!

Mourad: Thank you again for your time. I wish you all the best in your career!

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