Diversityinspires #9: About diversity itself - Michael Illert

With us is someone who was in the Youth Leadership Day organized by AIESEC in Germany the last spring. He gave a wonderful keynote about value-based leadership. Then, he was interviewed again by AIESEC in Germany during the Leadership for tomorrow campaign about world citizenship. He was nearly 20 years ago leading AIESEC in Jena, Germany, also on the national board as a vice president of sales. Then, he worked for several years in HR and is now leading the businesses of the SR Group in continental Europe. He is also currently on the AIESEC Alumni Europe Board. Today, we are having a talk about Diversity with Michael. We will be addressing Inclusion, Gender Equality, inclusive language, equity, leading diverse teams, diversity in a professional and less professional context, and more. You will definitely love Michael´s insights! Book Recommendations from Michael: Radical candor - Kim scott

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