Diversityinspires #8: Why volunteering during your studies - Mikalai Vincheuski

Mika has been for long years in AIESEC in Germany as a local president, trainer, vice president, and also president of the organization for a year. He is now the head of organizational development at DEGiS, the german association for international student GmbH. Before that, he has also done a bachelor's in social and cultural anthropology at the Freie UniversitÀt Berlin. We can't think of another person than Mika to talk with us about volunteering, for the countless experiences he has. That's why we will be addressing the topic of volunteering during your studies and all the personal and professional benefits it can have. Resource recommendations from Mika: Simon Sinek: The Golden Circle Simon Sinek: A little optimism podcast VDSI - Student Initiatives in Germany

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