Diversityinspires #7: Why you shouldnĀ“t take your smartphone to the bathroom - David JĆ¼ngling

David JĆ¼ngling has been in AIESEC in Braunschweig for quite some time as a local president and also in the national trainer's team of our entity. He was training young people to be trainers themselves. He is now working in Deloitte Greenhouse as a trainer and doing his master thesis around smartphones for his master's in Business Psychology in Berlin. We are addressing a highly important topic: smartphone use in today's society. Smartphones are nowadays definitely the device we use most during the day. We will be talking about statistics, addiction, general use, and also tips on reasonable use. Book Recommendations from David: - Deep Work - Cal Newport - Time rich - Steve Glaveski: Do your best work, live your best life - Nir Eyal - Indistractable

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