Diversityinspires #5: Reveal your artist - Robert Eckstein

Robert is a Hobby Poet, systemic Coach after work, and employee in Business Administration. He has countless experiences as a member of several finance teams in Berlin and on a national level of AIESEC in Germany. He has been a vice president at AIESEC Alumni Germany but is also an experienced trainer. He organized the Nalds and other personal development conferences and is now still regularly training workshops. Robert is also a poet, he has written a few poems and will perform one for us during this episode. We are talking about art and how you can reveal your artist. The talk goes in the direction that everyone is an artist and how to search for this ability and skills deep inside. Robert gives you also practical tips on how to dig deeper into your artist's personality. Some resources are also recommended: - Steal like an artist - Austin Kleon - The Artist´s way - Justin Cameron - Soulcraft - Bill Plotkin - Button Poetry: https://www.youtube.com/c/ButtonPoetry - Robert´s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaS7xrdcYjozakVctbhhKHA

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