Diversityinspires #11: How to be a coach for your team - Pauliina Hallama & Anna-Riikka Hautala

Pauliina Hallama is a trainer, coach and team coach with her roots deep in social psychology. Her mission is to build a world where everyone is a coach, to themselves and to each other. Pauliina has been training thousands of people in organizations and public settings around the world, spanning all the way from industrial workers to management teams. In the last years she has been busy supporting leaders and professionals in developing their coaching identity, both by training them and by deepening their insights through individual coaching, and supporting diverse teams through team coaching. Pauliina is a recognized trainer, specialized in using engaging and impactful methods in designing and delivering learning events, known to get even the most diverse groups of participants on board and excited about the topic at hand. Anna-Riikka Hautala is a systemic business coach, trainer and a team coach. She is the co-founder of Growthroom. Anna-Riikka has coached hundreds of people on their professional and personal ambitions, goals, and dreams since 2012. She is aslo an AIESEC alumnus and has a background in leadership and training, delivering meaningful transformation and business results as a team leader and manager in major change initiatives, facilitating over 100 events, and teaching thousands of people - a number that just keeps growing. Her mission has been to work with her clients to get them to wake up to a world of possibilities. A very exciting topic is being discussed: Leading and coaching teams. While those two “roles” are different, we take care of giving insights about both of them. Our guests are highly experienced in both and you will definitely benefit from what they have to say in this extended episode. Grab yourself your favourite drink and relax while listening. Book recommendations: Myles Downey: Effective modern coaching Patrick Lencioni: The 5 dysfunctions of a team David Clutterbuck: Coaching the team at work Georgina Woustra: Mastering the art of team coaching Phillip Sandahl & Alexis Phillips: Teams unleashed Marjo-Riitta Ristikangas et al.: Valmentava tiimin johtaminen (in Finnish only)

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